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Production of breeding animals

Smith Deer Farm: New generation deer husbandry, excellent genetic traits, natural environment, premium quality.


If you want to create a new farm or introduce fresh genetics.


We export deer internationally and in Hungary to customers.

Smith Deer Farm


The area of Somogy county and the high-quality red deer herd have been inseparable for thousands of years!

Smith Deer Farm operates as a family farm in one of the specially classified areas of Somogy county where gene conservation is of primary importance.

In the immediate vicinity of our farm, a red deer bull in the 8th place in the world rankings was dropped, preceded by a bull from Somogy!

Our goal is to keep the red deer herd growing at the highest level with the historical and contemporary conditions!

The main profile of our farm is the production and sale of breeding animals.

Smith Deer Farm – Hungary

About us

We know each deer individually and count them according to their main characteristics:
  • blood temperature
  • growth vigor
  • antler weight / score
The antlers of previous years can also be viewed!
We provide our deer with the best possible living conditions, which are accompanied by the highest standard of care. 
The animals are driven by worms and are under constant health control. 
Year after year, our calf herd is of outstanding quality, as it is in the best hands from the selection of the breeding bull to the sale.
If you want to create a new farm or introduce fresh genetics to your existing herd, choose from our proven and safe herd!



Különböző vérvonalú kapitális gímszarvas bikáink tenyésztésre, vadászatra és az általuk fedezett tehén és borjú állomány továbbtenyésztésre, vadasparkokba, vadaskertekbe és hobby állatnak (akár vadászatra) elérhető.


Minden állatunk saját portfólióval rendelkezik, ez alapján állítjuk
össze az érdeklődőknek a legjobb ajánlatot, választást!


Hunting organization

I undertake to organize and conduct individual and social hunts for wild game species available in Hungary.
For me, no hunt is easy, it ranges from excellent to exclusive!

  • Red deer bull
  • Fallow deer bull
  • Individual, group hunting of wild boar
  • Deer
  • Small game hunting: pheasant, duck, goose, rabbit
  • accommodation and board on demand
  • accompanying staff
  • Hungarian hunting permit for foreign hunters
  • off-road use
  • Veterinary certificate for hunting meat purchased outside the EU
  • transportation in Hungary and internationally under luxury conditions
  • other services


We export deer internationally and in Hungary to customers. The welfare and safety of our deer is of course of paramount importance during transport as well!

Antlers of previous years

Antlers from previous years can be viewed on the farm by prior arrangement.


You can reach us at the contact details below!


7451 Kaposvár, Dália utca 9/b



Phone Number

+36 30 343 2447

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